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Ballesty condemns destruction of playground in fire - Press Release 3 March 2008

Ballesty condemns destruction of playground in fire

Sinn Féin local representative for Lucan and Palmerstown, Robert Ballesty, has condemned the perpetrators who set fire to the playground in Rosse Court estate last Sunday. Robert Ballesty said, "The residents here are understandably frustrated and angry by this recent course of events. The siting of the playground in Rosse Court Square – against the wishes of the majority of residents – amply demonstrates the scant regard that South Dublin County Council have displayed to the local residents.

"The siting of the playground in Rosse Court by the Council is part of their development plan whereby a quota of playgrounds were to be constructed throughout the South Dublin County Council area. However the Council sought to make residents in Rosse Court – through the management company – carry the liabilities associated with a playground that local residents didn’t want in the first place. While residents in Rosse Court aren’t opposed to playground facilities, the location and manner with which this was imposed has understandably annoyed them.

"Futhermore, the playground has effectively acted as a magnet for anti-social behaviour with blatant drug dealing and an atmosphere of intimidation present. Residents who live in the vicinity of the Square have complained about general noise levels, vandalism, damaged properties and residences, drug dealing, fighting, intimidation and burglaries that have occured in the estate.

"As a community based political party, Sinn Féin is well aware of the concerns and issues that affect people here. The siting of an off license in the local Centra/Londis shop in December 2006 was very ill-conceived as this has also attracted a significant level of anti-social activity. Sinn Féin has also been made aware of the issue of the local management agents in Rosse Court and the general level of dissatisfaction with them.

"I call on South Dublin County Council to immediately clean up the site of the playground and to negotiate with the residents of Rosse Court regarding the future of the site.

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